Registered auditor and Manager

Starting her career as an accountant, Mrs. Ignatova acquired the qualification chartered accountant, diploma 377, in 1997 y.. A year later, she established the company Odit Consult, through which she began to offer audit services.

During the years of development, the activity and professional qualifications are constantly expanding:

  • registered auditor
  • Tax expert
  • Member of ICPA
  • Over 30 years of experience in the field of accounting

As an expert with professional experience in accounting and auditing up close 30 years, Ms. Ignatova finds the right approach to solving complex business cases, overcoming the challenges of modern regulatory, tax and economic environment.

ThepProfessional experience, Nikolay's education and qualifications are focused on business, finance and investment.

  • MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking, ICMA Centre at University of Reading
  • International Fixed Income and Derivatives certificate
  • BSc Business Administration, City University Seattle
  • Experience with trading in financial markets
  • Financial analysis and budgeting
  • Internal auditor of ISO 9001
  • Independent evaluator and member of CIAB

Nikolay contributes to the improvement and expansion of services, as with his expertise he focuses on the financial aspect of operations.



Senior Assistant Auditor



Assistant auditor

Boncho graduated from the Mathematical High School in Ruse and holds a Master's degree in Financial Management from the University of National and World Economy., Sofia.

With his self-discipline and experience in accounting he contributes to our team for efficient organisation, prioritisation and implementation of tasks for audit engagements, while his ability to make quick and adequate decisions, as well as analytical thinking contribute to the timely resolution of any issues, improving communication and cooperation with our customers.

ThepProfessional experience, education and qualifications of Hristina are focused on human resources and psychological understanding of working with groups and organisations.

The focus of her work includes::

  • The recruitment process
  • HR documentation of all employees
  • Administrative documentation
  • Analysis and planning
  • Implementation of audit procedures



Assistant auditor and HR specialist



Assistant auditor

DANIEL IROV. Sofia, DANIEL IROV. He continued his education at the same university, He continued his education at the same university, He continued his education at the same university, accounting and independent audit.

accounting and independent audit.

Why us?


We think, that our approach is what, distinguishes us in the dynamic market of our services. Practice has taught us, that our most effective consulting projects are those, in which together with the client we work as members of a team and everyone contributes with their knowledge, experience and resources, whether it concerns a specific problem or the development of a comprehensive development strategy. Therefore, we base our work approach on the following principles:


according to the specific needs and goals of the Client.

We ask

We strive from the very beginning to clarify what is expected of us.

We act

We implement the adopted strategy and progress is monitored periodically.

We offer

We present recommendations for improvements

We analyze

We analyze processes and structures, available resources, influencing factors, as well as opportunities and threats to development.

We communicate

When a problem occurs in the process of work, the client is notified immediately and the issue is discussed, so that timely action can be taken.