About us


As a result of our work in various sectors, as well as our participation in projects, we have built knowledge and understanding, specific to these areas, including with respect to:

Despite the accumulated experience and skills, our team approaches each commitment individually, striving to get acquainted with the latest trends, changes and requirements for this particular case, including if this requires additional qualifications. Thus, we are ready to deal with all the challenges of the modern business environment and thus help our customers to develop their business in the desired direction.


More than 20 years of practice,  participation in over 30 business restructuring transactions, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 projects.


We approach individually

Individual approach - according to the specific needs and goals of the Client

We analyze

We analyze processes and structures, available resources, influencing factors, as well as opportunities and threats to development

We ask

We strive from the very beginning to clarify what is expected of us

We offer

We present recommendations / strategy for improvements

We act

We implement the adopted strategy and progress is monitored periodically

We communicate

When a problem occurs in the process of work, the client is notified immediately and the issue is discussed, so that the necessary measures can be taken in a timely manner